Order, dispatch and return

Can I pursue my order? When does my order come?
After your order our camp has left, receive a mail with a Trackingnummer. They can give this on this web page and pursue the broadcasting.
My order has not come up to now with me what can I do?
Please, pursue the order with the help of your Trackingnummer. Check in addition please your e-mail post office box and ask whether the delivery, perhaps, from the neighbour was accepted.
How much costs the dispatch?
Shipping costs within Germany:
until 29,99€ order value: 2,65€
from 30,00€ order value: free of charge

Shipping costs within the EU:
until 499g: 4,55€
500g to 999g: 6,70€
1kg to 3kg: 12,40€
3kg to 10kg: 17,30€
from 10kg: 32,35€

Shipping costs rest of the world:
until 499g: 4,90€
500g to 999g: 7,20€
1kg to 4kg: 17,90€
from 4kg: 32,35€
Why does the cover my classical mobile phone chain look scratched?
Every classical cover is pasted for the protection with a foil. Please, remove this foil before the use
My mobile phone chain delivered anew is broken what can I do?
Please, send us a mail incl. order number in info@unuya.com. If possibly, smart ones are to be seen please a photo with on him the problem. We contact within 5 working days you.
I do not like my order, how do I send back the order?
Please, visit the side dispatch & to find out return around further details.


Are the products a manual labour?
Every mobile phone chain was assembled in manual labour and is therefore a unique specimen. This leads to lecihten divergences in structure, form, size and colour. Our components are made in small Batches.
What do the lasting covers (Biodegradable) exist of?
The cover exists of a combination of biomass (PLA/PBAT), Storh and wood shavings. She exists therefore of 100% from growing again raw materials and 0% of tenderizer and plastic
Are the lasting covers (Biodegradable) really compostible to 100%?
Yes, in only 3 months the mobile phone cover can be composted in suitable surroundings (e.g., compost heap) to earth.

Which phone models are currently available?
Our mobile phone chains and covers are currently available for the following models:

Apple: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max

Samsung: Samsung A50, Samsung S10, Samsung S10e, Samsung S20, Samsung S20+, Samsung S20 Ultra 5G
Other mobile phone chains and covers soon offered for other manufacturers and models than Apple?
Currently the team UNUYA with high pressure works on other manufacturers and smartphone models. A line extension soon occurs. Subscribe our newsletter and follow us Instagram and miss no more news.

When other colours offered by covers, belts, tapes and metal parts?
Currently the team UNUYA with high pressure works on other colours. A line extension soon occurs. Subscribe our newsletter and follow us Instagram and miss no more news.


How can I clean my compostible cover (Biodegradable)?
Use for this a humid cloth (best of all microfiber) and wipe the cover carefully. Dry the cover afterwards with the help of a clean tea towel.

Can I wash my tape?
We recommend to you to clean the tapes and belts if possibly with tepid water to receive the colour. If you still had to do a laundry, use a sponge bag, remove the metal parts (final components and verse plates) and wash it on a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. For the cleaning we take over no guarantee.

Influencer/in and Blogger/in

They are Influencer/in or Blogger/in and would like to co-operate with us?

Write up to us with pleasure a mail info@unuya.com. Make available to us with pleasure to begin with so a lot of information as possible (Social media Profiles, Web page, Engagement rate, desired Cooperation form, Draught, etc.). We are glad about your mail!


They are traders and would like to sell our products?

Write up us with pleasure info@unuya.com. If possibly, put to begin with please so a lot of information as possible about the desired articles and her enterprise which you would like to order, at the possession. Individual production wishes and prices can be discussed on inquiry.