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Blue, simple, beautiful, sustainable!  This is our phone necklace with a 100% compostable case. It is the ideal accessory with which you have your hands free and can enjoy life to the fullest without having to worry about your smartphone. The blue rope fits into any outfit and is never intrusive.

The compostable case🌱consists of 100% renewable raw materials and 0% plasticizers and plastic. The surface feels silky matte. In just 3 months, the phone case can be composted to earth in an appropriate environment.

The caps can be easily unscrewed and reinserted so that changing between ropes, belts, cases or the end caps is more than easy.

The approximately 1.5 m long rope is made of polypropylene. Due to its light weight, weatherproofness and durability, this material is perfect for use as a phone necklace and will give you long-term enjoyment.

Our phone chains are as extraordinary and special as your outfits. All components can be easily changed to suit your style. This modularity makes it possible to continue to use. You have a new smartphone? No problem, just buy a new case and avoid excessive waste! We have a large selection of single parts to complete your individual style.

For every sustainable case sold, UNUYA plants a tree to further contribute to climate protection. The current number of trees planted can be found here.

At a glance:

  • 100% compostable casing made of straw / biomass
  • silky shiny surface
  • very light material
  • non-toxic, according to OEKO-TEX®
  • Matt blue end caps and metal connector
  • designed in Austria

Please note:

Children love our products, but please be careful as our products are made of small parts. Therefore, treat our products with care and at your own risk. When used, scratches may occur on the case of your phone. UNUYA does not guarantee the integrity and fit of your smartphone. 

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Ich bin begeistert 👍🏻

Würde ich jederzeit wieder bestellen 😊

Alles super 👍

Ist heil und unversehrt angekommen!


Schöne Farbe, nicht zu grell.

Ich liebe mein neues Teilchen

Wow! Einfach klasse. Es hat Stil und es ist sogar umweltfreundlich! Hole mir bestimmt noch weiteres Zubehör ♥️

Liebevoll gemacht, für Mensch & Umwelt

Hochwertiges Material der Hülle, alles sehr liebevoll (und plastikfrei!) verpackt und ein wirklich toller sowie schneller Service! Einzige Anmerkung: Das Band reibt/scheuert auf nackter Haut ein wenig, aber da kommt es natürlich immer drauf an, wie empfindlich man ist. Unterm Strich würde ich UNUYA auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!